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Highlight & Contour

Accentuate the good points of your face by highlighting and contouring them.


What is highlighting and contouring?

Using highlighters in your makeup routine adds extra color and shape to your face. Using a highlighter on the right points of your face, you accentuate parts of your face to give them a more beautiful shape. With dark colors, you create shadows, and with light colors, you can highlight certain facial features. By highlighting and contouring your face, you get a beautiful glow. 

How to use a highlighter

  1. Make sure you have good primary skin care: cleansing, serum, day cream (SPF).
  2. Use a foundation or concealer to even out blemishes and spots.
  3. Please start with the darker palette colors and apply them to the temples, under the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose, and the jawline. From the application, use a brush with stiffer bristles.
  4. Next, get to work with the highlighter. Make sure you have a clean brush and apply the highlighter to the cheekbones and brow bone, the center of the chin, and between the eyebrows over the nose. You can also use a highlighter under the eyes and the space between your nose and lips.
  5. Now it's time to blend and blend all the stripes nicely with each other and the foundation. To do this, use blending sponges or brushes. You can slightly replace the darker parts with a brush and pull them towards the lighter colors. With a sponge, you then blend the spare parts very gently.
  6. Apply a fixing spray to ensure your makeup lasts even longer.