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Salicyl Serum

Take care of your skin with a salicylic serum for radiant, even and healthy skin.


What is salicyl(acid)?

Salicyl is a beta hydroxy acid, often abbreviated as BHA, which is fat-soluble and, therefore, very efficient at clearing pores and exfoliating blemished skin.

The result: fresh, radiant, and even skin. After all, your skin will become dull and pale if you don't remove those dead skin cells regularly. 

For whom is salicyl suitable?

Salicylic acid is fat-soluble and, therefore, very suitable for oily and blemished skin. It penetrates the pores and dissolves accumulated sebum. It is also one of the best solutions against blackheads and rosacea.

Research shows that salicylic acid is very suitable for acne-prone skin. As a rule, you can say that salicylic acid is well tolerated by all skin types and is less likely to irritate, for example, glycolic acid.

Benefits of salicyl

  • Reduces sebum: the skin's natural oils
  • Stimulates cell renewal and removes dead skin cells
  • Achieves results in adult acne

How to use salicylic acid?

The use of salicylic acid should be built up. Your skin may react violently to the salicylic acid the first time you use it. Once your skin is used to salicylic acid, we advise using this product daily (or every other day). This way, you will achieve lasting results. When your skin becomes dry, reduce the use. 

Can I use products with salicyl if I am pregnant?

Doctors generally advise that heavy women avoid using high salicylic acid concentrations during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A small amount of salicylic acid in washable products or spot sticks is usually considered safe. If you have any doubts about whether you can use a particular product with salicylic acid during your pregnancy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our skin coaches will be happy to inform you.