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Eczema, this is how you best care for your skin!

The skin with eczema, just like any other skin type, benefits from proper care. This skin sometimes needs some extra attention. Using the right products can prevent the problem from getting worse.


The skin with eczema, just like any other skin type, benefits from proper care. This skin sometimes needs some extra attention. Using the right products can prevent the problem from getting worse, and the skin may even recover. In this article, we explain how you care a skin with eczema and which products we recommend.


What is eczema

Eczema is a (sometimes) chronic skin condition that is not contagious. It is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. Due to this inflammatory reaction, redness, blisters, swellings, and chaps are seen a lot on the surface. The surface with this skin condition is usually itchy.

Eczema can be hereditary but can also be caused by external factors such as stress or (food) allergies. There are different types of skin conditions, such as contact-atopic and dyshidrotic eczema.


Do not do with eczema

This skin type is often dry and is very sensitive. The skin can react allergically to various ingredients. So be careful with products that contain a lot of alcohol, perfume, soap, and other potentially irritating substances.

This skin is also susceptible to water. The water can penetrate the skin with wounds and cause inflammation. A lot of hot water also dries out the skin. So shower and wash the skin in moderation.


Take care of the skin with eczema

The fact that this skin cannot withstand too much hot water does not mean that it does not need to be adequately cleaned. This skin type also benefits significantly from daily good and mild cleansing.

Because this skin type reacts quickly to various substances, it is essential to use very mild products with only ingredients that are gentle and caring. When cleaning the skin, we recommend the use of milk or oil. Suitable products are, for example, the IMAGE Ormedic - Balancing Facial Cleanser, a mild cleanser based on soft plant extracts. This way, you clean your skin well, without the use of aggressive sulfates. Besides, it contains hyaluronic acid to restore the moisture balance in even the most sensitive skin conditions. The hannah Cleansing Oil is also a very gentle cleanser that is very suitable for this skin type.

After cleaning, and possibly using a mild toner such as the Cenzaa Velvet Mist, it is time to apply a care cream. The skin with eczema is quick to dry and very sensitive, so it is essential to use an excellent hydrating and caring product. The Cenzaa Sweet Heaven is next to a very caring and mild cream, also the first aid against wrinkles. This cream is for use 24 hours a day. The Juliette Armand Multi Hydrating Cream is also highly recommended that regulates the moisture content of the skin cells, ensuring total hydration. This cream also ensures that the skin retains moisture throughout the day.

The occasional application of serum is certainly not wrong for someone with this skin type. The Swisscode Vitamin F Forte is perfect: it works effectively against dry skin and reduces the roughness of the surface, besides, the skin is immediately, and long-lasting softened.

A calming mask is lovely for the sensitive and dry skin of someone with eczema. A facial mask not only provides a moment of relaxation for the surface but also for the mind. The hannah Hydro Mask gives the skin an incredible boost and a real moisture injection while soothing the skin. This mask is also ideal for skin irritations. Also, we have, for example, the Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask that works calming, antioxidant, and cell renewal. Helps against red skin, reduces irritations and has a soothing & calming effect

Finally, it is essential for people with eczema not to go into the sun unprotected: this can make the symptoms worse. Creams that we have in our range and that are very suitable for this skin include the Cenzaa Sunshield High and the hannah High Quality. Both products protect the skin against the sun without irritating the skin.


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