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Accentuate your eyes with eye shadow makeup and create dazzling eyes.


Eyeshadow makeup

To accentuate your eyes, you can embellish them with eyeshadow. Your eyes will come into their own. 

Color of eye shadow

When it comes to the (right) color of the eye shadow, it is essential to look for complementary colors. These are colors that are opposite and opposite each other in the color wheel. You get a "neutral" color when you combine those two colors.

Choose the appropriate eye shadow color according to your eye color.

  • Green eyes: red is the complementary color of green. Therefore, choose eyeshadows with red undertones. For example, plum color or an eye shadow with red-purple tones.
  • Blue/gray eyes: orange is the complementary color of blue. Eyeshadows with orange undertones like coral look great with blue/gray eyes. Shades like gold and copper also go well with blue/gray eyes.
  • Brown eyes: many eye shadow colors go with this 'neutral' eye color. Do you have brown eyes, choose the color you like. It will often turn out that blue or purple eyeshadow suits brown eyes best.

Applying eyeshadow

Special eye brushes allow you to apply eye shadow perfectly to your eye and eyelids. Apply a light color eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes and let this color blend into a darker color. With a brush and brush, you can create this overflow.