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Nail Care

Go for good, healthy and strong nails with just the right nail care.


Nail care for strong and healthy nails

Excellent and healthy nails lay the foundation for beautiful nail polish or decorations. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your nails with the proper care. This will prevent damaged nails or cuticles and create the perfect groomed nails.

Nail care in six steps.

Nail care is more than just painting your nails. There is much more to it. With this step-by-step plan, you won't miss a step in your nail care routine.

  1. Don't forget your hands.
    The first step in nail care is to take care of your hands. After all, nails need moisture to stay healthy. When you have dry hands, this has dangers for your nails. So make sure your hands are well nourished with a nourishing and moisturizing hand cream to maintain the moisture balance.
  2. Nail Care Products
    There are many nail care products available, and make your choice based on your 'nail problem'. Do you suffer from weak nails? Then go for a nail hardener. Do you have dry, brittle nails, go for a nourishing nail oil. So choose the care that suits your type of nail or the problem you want to address.
  3. Take care of your cuticles.
    Dry or stuck cuticles prevent your nails from growing nicely. So don't forget your cuticles in your nail care regimen.
  4. Use a nail file 
    Filing is much better for your nails than cutting your nails. With cutting, you damage the nails and weaken them, giving you a chance of splitting or cracking claws. Therefore, always use a file. We have several nail files in our range.
  5. Do not use aggressive nail polish remover
    Chemicals in aggressive nail polish removers draw moisture from the nails and weaken your nails. Therefore, go for a remover without acetone. That way, your nails do not dry out and keep them strong.
  6. Finishing touch: nail polish
    The last step in your nail care is excellent nail polish. This will keep your nails not only beautiful but also well cared for.