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Facial lotions

Het Cosmeticahuis has a facial lotion in its range for every skin type. Normal skin, oily skin, sensitive or mature skin: they can all benefit from the right lotion.

Extenso Intense Soft Lotion 250ml
Extenso Intense Soft Lotion Extenso Intense Soft Lotion is a mild, refreshing lotion that is beneficial for all skins because of its intensive calming and softening effect. Extenso Intense Soft Lotion contains natural active ingredients such as allantoin and aloe vera.Moisture-binding and acidity-restoring ingredients ensure a natural balance of the skin.This Lotion provides a refreshing cleansing and stimulates the skin functions. With its soothing effect, Extenso Intense Soft Lotion is extremely suitable for normal and/or dry skin The benefits of Extenso Intense Soft Lotion: No unnecessary fragrances and dyes No unnecessary parabens No unnecessary mineral ingredients Animal testing free Eco-friendly packaging How to use Extenso Intense Soft Lotion: Moisten two cotton pads with the Intense Soft Lotion. Clean the skin symmetrically with the cotton pads (or sponges). Or moisten two cotton pads with the Extenso Intense Soft Lotion. Apply the cotton pads to the eyes and press gently. Leave the eye compresses on the eyes during the application time of the mask. Like all Extenso products, Extenso Intense Soft Lotion helps to keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant. Skin type: Suitable for every skin type
Cenzaa Velvet Mist 200ml
Cenzaa Velvet Mist Velvet Mist is a 2 in 1 formula of revitalizing, softening and caring lotion that also transports active ingredients into the skin.Velvet Mist has a refreshing, anti-oxidant, moisturizing and skin-enhancing property, has an invigorating, moisturizing effect and stimulates the absorption and effectiveness of your skin-enhancing products after cleansing. Suitable for all skin types. The benefits of Cenzaa Velvet Mist: Luxurious, mild alcohol-free lotion [2 in 1] Transport of active ingredients in the skin Restores skin barrier and moisture Vitalises relaxes and calms Velvety soft feel and a radiant complexion Also for very sensitive skin types How to use Cenzaa Velvet Mist: For everyday use. Apply every morning and evening after cleansing and let it work on the face, neck and décolleté. Then apply your favourite Cenzaa cream and/or serum. Skin type: Young & Normal Skin, Dehydrated & Dry Skin, Sensitive & Red Skin, Mature & Older Skin, Tired & Stressed Skin, Combination & Oily Skin.  
hannah Cleansing Duo
hannah Cleansing Duo This set contains hannah Cleansing Milk 200ml & hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion 200ml. The hannah Cleansing Milk is suitable for the most sensitive skin and cleanses the skin extremely gently but intensively. This cleanser is pH skin neutral so that the natural protective layer of the skin is not disturbed and does not unnecessarily dry out. hannah Cleansing Milk has a hydrophilic composition, making it easy to mix with water, and you can quickly rinse it off. You can also remove the cleanser with a warm microwave compress which keeps the horny layer of your skin intact and does not clog pores. The result is silky smooth and perfectly cleansed skin that removes makeup, excess sebum, and other impurities. After use, you can use the hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion to soothe and refresh your skin. How to use hannah Cleansing Milk Take 1 to 2 pumps of hannah Cleansing Milk. Massage and mix with lukewarm water. Remove the Cleansing Milk, preferably with a moist and warm microwave compress. After using the Cleansing Milk, it is necessary to use Sensitive Skin Lotion or Active Lotion. For waterproof (eye) makeup, Cleansing Oil is preferably used. hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion is a refreshing, ultra-soft alcohol-free lotion that can be used after cleansing with Cleansing Milk. This lotion soothes the skin palpably, and the structure of your pores is visibly refined. In addition, this lotion increases the resistance of your skin's natural protective layer. Apply the Sensitive Skin Lotion to a cotton pad to cleanse the entire skin. You can also apply the Sensitive Skin Lotion to your hands and massage your face with it; this has a very soothing effect, do not rinse with water. How to use the Sensitive Skin Lotion Apply the Sensitive Skin Lotion to a dry cotton pad. Cleanse the entire skin by wiping from the center to the outside of the face. This lotion is also very soothing when applied and massaged with your hands. Sensitive Skin Lotion is also great for making a soothing eye compress for swollen, burning, or tired eyes or for treating puffiness and under-eye circles.
Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion 75ml
Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion is a multifunctional vitamin cocktail and contains a high concentration of vitamins and active ingredients that nourish the skin, increase its resistance and prevent premature skin ageing. The mildly scented facial and body care is suitable for daily use. It prevents the skin from drying out and flaking and gives it a satiny shine. The added skin-improving vitamins, which are quickly and easily absorbed by your skin, nourish the skin and give the skin a smooth skin structure and a beautiful, natural glow. Even after a sunbath, your skin is hydrated and soothed by applying and massaging this rich vitamin emulsion. Because the product does not contain UV filters, the product is not suitable for daycare. The Benefits of Aloe Vit Emulsion: Contains a high concentration of vitamins and active ingredients Gives the skin a smooth skin texture Prevents drying and flaking of the skin Prevents premature skin ageing No unnecessary fragrances and dyes No unnecessary parabens No unnecessary mineral ingredients Animal testing free Eco-friendly packaging How to use Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion: Apply a generous amount of Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion to the hand. Warm and divide the Aloe Vit Emulsion between both hands. Spread the emulsion evenly over the skinExtenso Aloe Vit Emulsion is absorbed by the skin and therefore does not need to be removed. Like all Extenso products, Extenso Aloe Vit Emulsion helps to keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant. Skin type: Suitable for every skin type.
D-SKIN Skin Defence Mist 100ml
Skin Defence Mist Do you want a balanced, glowy skin and protect your skin at all times? The Skin Defence Mist is the ultimate must-have for healthy and radiant skin! The effect of this mist is unprecedented, because it does everything necessary to achieve a radiant, even and hydrated skin. The mist refreshes, moisturizes and has an antibacterial effect. The benefits of Skin Defence Mist Gives a beautiful glowing skin Evens out the skin Provides optimal hydration to the skin Protects the skin against external influences With the Skin Defence Mist you continuously work on the resistance and condition of your skin, because it keeps the microbiome of your skin in balance and healthy. If the skin microbiome is not in balance, it is vulnerable to skin disorders and you naturally want to avoid that. Balanced skin is the key to glowing skin. The Skin Defence Mist mist provides increased hydration to the skin and forms an invisible, balanced barrier to protect the skin from external influences by killing bad bacteria. The mist is enriched with fucoidan; a clinically proven ingredient with soothing, protective and anti-aging properties. In addition, your microbiome produces nutrients and essential skin lipids (ceramides). Research and science have shown that there is a difference between the microbiome of dry skin and normal skin. So your microbiome makes an important contribution to the factors that make your skin look better and healthier. The Skin Defense Mist is your personal skin protection tool in a nebulizer, which on demand, whenever you want, increases your skin's own protection mechanism – i.e. the resistance. Applying the mist will even out the skin, give it a healthy and radiant glow, moisturize and optimally protect it. In addition, the Skin Defense regulates the pH value of your skin. In short: this mist works in its entirety on a skin to dream of! How to use Skin Defence Mist After cleansing and exfoliating, spray the mist all over the skin for better absorption of the serum and day cream. If you are in frequent contact with water, spray the mist over the face/body and experience immediate hydration. Spray the mist over your make-up so that your make-up stays on better, longer and more beautiful while you also work on your skin condition. Spray the mist over dry spots (also on the body) so that they immediately recover and the dryness disappears. Take the spray with you on holiday as an aftersun, your skin recovers immediately. If you often work in an environment where you are fully in the air, make sure you always have the spray with you. This provides an immediate hydration boost. Spray the mist extra locally on the places where there is currently a skin problem, such as acne, eczema, dryness or places that need to heal. Skin type The Skin Defence Mist is suitable for all skin conditions, can also be used for eczema, rosacea and acne. Also highly recommended for men's skin.
SkinCeuticals Blemish+Age Toner 200ml
Blemish + Age Toner Blemish + Age Toner is a purifying solution with lipo hydroxy acid, exfoliates and refines the skin structure. Blemish + Age Solution developed for aging skin that suffers from pimples. It is composed of a threefold combination of exfoliating ingredients (lipo hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid) to remove excess residue and surface cells to free pores efficiently, developed for aging skin with a tendency to impurities, with a low pH value for revealing clear, refined skin with a smooth complexion. The benefits of Blemish + Age Solution: Optimal functioning of the acids present Low pH value Fights impurities Reduces the visible signs of aging Deeply cleans the pores How you use Blemish + Age Solution: Clean the skin with a SkinCeuticals cleanser. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and apply. Use twice a day.  
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Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist 125ml
Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist is the updated version of the Hydratonic now in a handy spray bottle. Suitable for all skins. Balancing, anti-pollution, hydrating facial mist toner. Completes facial hygiene and strengthens the balance of the skin's microbiota. The Benefits of Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist: Handy spray bottle Brings the skin back into balance Refreshing and soothing How to use Mesoestetic Hydratonic Mist: After cleansing the face, it is very important to tone the skin. Mist the tonic over the face or apply it to a cotton ball. Skin type: Pigmented, Aged, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Combined  
Cenzaa Illuminating Mist 150ml
Illuminating Mist Illuminating Mist [Cell Activating Toner] is an intensive skin-enhancing facial lotion with antioxidants and active ingredients with beneficial properties. Moisturizing active ingredients even out your skin texture, restore the acidity and make your skin glow. THE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE The invigorating Illuminating Mist gives your skin a radiant complexion: pigment spots are reduced and imperfections are repaired. This refreshing mist stimulates the absorption and effectiveness of your skin-enhancing products after cleansing. The benefits of Illuminating Mist: Skin-enhancing fruit acid lotion Brightens complexion and pigmentation Stimulates cell renewal Repairs skin imperfections For beautiful and healthy skin For good skin flora How to use Illuminating Mist: ILLUMINATING MIST is suitable for everyday use. Evenly distribute the mist over a cleansed face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening by applying it to a cotton pad or with your hands. Important ingredients: ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS Powerful fruit acids, remove dead skin cells, stimulate cell renewal and give a fresh look. BOTANICA CRANBERRY The Indian medicine cranberry is rich in powerful antioxidants, improves the barrier function and contributes to the maintenance of well-hydrated skin. DEHISTAMINE COMPLEX contains oats extract that counteracts redness and has a calming and soothing effect. Skin type: Young & Normal Skin, Dehydrated & Dry Skin, Sensitive & Red Skin, Mature & Older Skin, Tired & Stressed Skin, Combination & Oily Skin, For Men
hannah Sparkling Spray 125ml
hannah Sparkling Spray Sparkling Spray contains an exceptionally high content of natural Aloe Vera. This drug provides an increased transport of key ingredients from skin-enhancing products, thus having to use less cream. Moreover, the skin's moisture content gets through this intensive oasis on the surface, a potent boost. Healthy glowing skin has a natural sparkle. Therefore, moisture and nourishment to the skin are as essential as food and drink for our body. It is, therefore, necessary to hydrate the skin before the other care and skin-enhancing products are applied. hannah Sparkling Spray also has a mattifying effect on the skin's excess shine, giving a fresh, smooth, and well-groomed appearance. Adding various antioxidants, including vitamin C, increases protection against harmful environmental influences. The neutralized anise acid, in combination with other high-quality ingredients, provides a transparent tintelfrisse to prepare different products of natural skin care products, hannah! Benefits of Sparkling Spray: Contains a high content of natural aloe vera Provides a fresh, even, and nourished appearance Provides increased protection against harmful external inputs This is how you use Sparkling Spray: After cleaning a few times, hannah Sparkling Spray sprays on the face, massage, and then apply the daily hannah cream. When the skin is shiny, it can be matted using the hannah Sparkling Spray after applying the cream.
Extenso PH Recover Lotion 250ml
Extenso PH Recover Lotion Extenso PH Recover Lotion based on fruit acid, white tea, hamamelis and pro-vitamin B5 regulates the acidity and restores the natural balance of the skin. This PH Recover Lotion soothes, purifies and has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect.Extenso PH Recover Lotion is unscented and hypoallergenic and has a pH value of 4.0 The benefits of Extenso PH Recover Lotion: Regulates acidity and restores the skin's natural balance Soothes purifies and has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect No unnecessary fragrances and dyes No unnecessary parabens No unnecessary mineral ingredients Animal testing free Eco-friendly packaging How to use Extenso PH Recover Lotion: Use the PH Recover Lotion in the morning and evening after cleansing the skin.Moisten two cotton pads with the PH Recover Lotion and apply them to the face and neck. Apply a serum afterwards and finish with a day or night cream. The Extenso PH Recover Lotion is recommended after the use of peeling or lysing or as a post-treatment. Like all Extenso products, Extenso PH Recover Lotion helps to keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant. Important ingredients: fruit acid white tea hamamelis Pro-vitamin B5 Skin type: Suitable for every skin type.
Juliette Armand Cleansing Tonic Lotion 210ml
Cleansing Tonic Lotion JA-Cleansing Tonic Lotion is a cleansing lotion that is rich in soothing ingredients, antioxidants and hypoallergenic actives. Contains herbal extracts rich in flavonoids, chamomile and vitamin F, which revitalizes, hydrates and firms the skin. The benefits of Cleansing Tonic Lotion: Effectively removes impurities and oiliness Revitalizes the skin without causing dryness and irritation The extracts rejuvenate, moisturize and tighten pores It does not contain alcohol and surfactant cleaning ingredients How to use Cleansing Tonic Lotion: Apply a small amount all over the face using a cotton pad. Important ingredients: Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid) Chamomile Extract Tiglio Extract Skin types: Suitable for combination, dry, normal and sensitive skin
Image Skincare Clear Cell - Clarifying Salicylic Lotion 48gr
CLEAR CELL - Clarifying Salicylic Lotion A daily oil-free light cream to prevent the overproduction of sebum and bacteria. A blend of antioxidants that improves hydration and acne breakouts. With natural skin brighteners that reduce redness and acne lesions. The benefits of Clarifying Salicylic Lotion: Salicylic acid inhibits sebum production Heals and softens the skin with chamomile, tea tree and lavender Reduces the visible redness of inflammation Refreshes the skin complexion Daily Hydration How to use Clarifying Salicylic Lotion: Apply to cleansed face in the evening and the morning. Apply locally to inflammation or every other day all over the face. Be careful with the bleaching effect on fabrics, use a white pillowcase and old pyjamas. Tip: Apply this product locally to the active inflammations, leaving the healthy skin free. This product can also be used in the I-Conceal for anti-blemish make-up! Skin type: All stages of acne Acne scars Fat skin
Image Skincare Clear Cell - Clarifying Salicylic Tonic 118ml
Clear Cell - Clarifying Salicylic Tonic This toner based on salicylic and glycolic acid ensures an even, clear skin and removes excessive sebum. It also contains several antioxidants that purify the skin, protect against free radicals and provide a mattifying effect. Green tea and chamomile extracts soothe your skin wonderfully. The benefits of the Clarifying Salicylic Tonic: Provides a purifying effect Refreshes the skin Removes excessive sebum Soothes the skin Contains acids (build-up required) How to use the Clarifying Salicylic Tonic: Soak a gauze pad with the tonic and smooth over a cleansed face as the second step in your skincare routine. Repeat as needed for additional clarification. Complete Your Daily Skin Routine by adding a serum and then a day or night cream. Have you never had acids in your routine before? Then build up the usage first. First once a week and when the skin responds well you can build up the use, until every other day or daily. Tips from the professional Keep this tonic in the fridge for an extra refreshing effect! Skin type Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin and ageing skin.
Extenso Micellar Water 2-in-1 150ml
Extenso Micellar Water 2-in-1 The Extenso Micellar Water 2-in-1 is effective cleansing water with a cleaner and lotion in one. It rids the skin of make-up, grease and dirt, supports the regenerative capacity and brings the acidity back into balance. High-quality antioxidants protect the skin and prevent the first signs of premature skin ageing. After use, the skin will look fresh and radiant and will be optimally prepared for the absorption of active ingredients. Suitable for normal skin with little to no makeup. The benefits of the Extenso Micellar Water Ultimate cleaning: micelles, microscopic cleansing particles, gently remove grease, dirt and make-up from the skin. Restores and supports: high-quality algae, rich in vitamins A, C and E, support the skin's regenerative capacity and balanced acidity. Hydrates: panthenol and Spirulina extracts provide optimal hydration and prevent evaporation of moisture in the skin. Soothes and softens: White tea and chamomile extracts soothe the skin, balance it and have an antioxidant effect. How to use Extenso Micellar Water: Apply on a cotton pad and cleanse the skin, lips and eyes. Replace the cotton pad as often as necessary until it stays clean. Rinsing with water is not necessary. Suitable for cleansing your face in the morning and evening. Important ingredients: Vitamins A, C,E panthenol Spirulina white tea chamomile
Medik8 Press & Glow Toner Refill 200ml
Medik8 Press & Glow Refill Medik8 Press & Glow Refill is the refill of the mild, exfoliating toner for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It removes dead skin cells from the skin's surface, and it moisturizes so that the skin feels smooth. The durable refill Press & Glow Refill (200ml) is available separately. Keep the Press & Glow pump for reuse with your next 5 refills. The next generation hydrating PHA toner for daily exfoliation of the skin's surface makes your skin glow all year round. No more sticky, drying toner. Say yes to the powerful toner with acids that is perfect for everyone. Press & Glow removes the top dead skin layers from the skin's surface, resulting in visibly clearer, more even, and hydrated skin. Press & Glow can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin surface. It works in harmony with vitamin A, leaving the skin tone visibly radiant, softened, and even. This is how you use Medik8 Press & Glow Refill: Unscrew the pump from the original Press & Glow pack and screw it onto the refill pack. Turn the top half of the pump counterclockwise until you hear a click. The pump is now activated. Use the toner every morning and evening after cleansing. Place a cotton pad on the pump and hold it. Press 3 to 4 times and wipe your face with the cotton pad. Avoid sensitive skin around the eyes. Turn the pump clockwise until it clicks to prevent leaks.
hannnah Clean & Activate
hannah Clean & Activate Clean & Activate, Cleansing Milk & Active Lotion is the perfect combination to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Cleansing Milk is a mild facial cleanser that cleanses the skin gently but intensively. This facial cleanser has a hydrophilic (water soluble) composition, so it easily mixes with water, and you can quickly rinse; you can also remove the cleaner with a warm microwave pad so the horny layer of your skin remains intact and the pores do not get clogged. Active Lotion is a top product that stimulates blood flow to the skin, promoting skin repair. hannah Active Lotion contains salicylic acid, alcohol, camphor, and menthol; in addition to increased skin blood flow, it also provides intensive cleaning, disinfection, and peeling of your skin. Clean & Activate is an excellent combination for acne, an oily T-zone, coarse pores, thickened horny layer, and aging skin. Use Clean & Activate: Cleanse the skin with a hannah Cleansing Milk Firmly cleanse the problem areas with a cotton ball containing hannah Active Lotion. Take a new cotton ball with Active Lotion when you see that the cotton ball turns dark. Continue this until the cotton wool remains clean. On the problem areas, work with more intensive pressure. The lotion causes tingling in the skin and stimulates circulation. In addition, intensive treatment with Active Lotion may cause the skin to flake. This indicates that the skin is well-thinned. Feeding the skin well afterward with a hannah cream is therefore essential.
Neoderma Skin Balancer Toning Lotion 130ml
Skin Balancer Toning Lotion Blemished skin deserves an innovative gel-to-liquid formula that leaves your skin toned and matted with lasting results. Unleash the everyday radiance with our signature Fusion-Biotics© technology and Vitamin C, and experience the exceptionally soothing benefits, impurity and pore refinement and reduction of excess oil with every application. The Benefits of Skin Balancer Toning Lotion Brings the PH value of the skin back into balance Refines the skin texture cooling For everyday use Ideal for oil control and visible pores Effective for acne-prone skin Contains Niacinamides and Vitamin C How to use Skin Balancer Toning Lotion For truly transformative and lasting results, apply the toning lotion to a cotton ball and generously distribute it over your face and neck. Avoids the eye contour. Once applied, leave on for a few moments to deeply nourish, activate and refine the serum. During first use, press the pump several times to initiate product flow. Apply your Neoderma care after the toning lotion. Skin type Suitable for oily, blemished and acne-prone skin.
Extenso Revitalizing Lotion 250ml
Extenso Revitalizing Lotion This exclusive, rich lotion has been specially developed for demanding, mature skin. Extenso Revitalizing Lotion balances the acidity of the skin and promotes its natural regenerative capacity. High-quality ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin C and algae extracts promote cell metabolism, keep the skin elastic and delay the first signs of aging. Provides a youthful and fresh complexion. The benefits of Revetalizing Lotion Suitable for face and eyes 100% vegan Restores acidity (pH value) Hydrates and stimulates skin functions Slows down skin aging How to use Revitalizing Lotion Moisten two cotton pads with the Revitalizing Lotion. Clean the skin (face, eyes, neck and décolleté) symmetrically with the cotton pads (or sponges). Tip: you can also use Revitalizing Lotion as an eye compress when, for example, your mask or peeling takes effect. To do this, moisten two cotton pads with the Revitalizing Lotion. Apply to the eyes and apply gently. Leave the eye compresses on the eyes for the duration of your mask on the peeling time. Skin type Suitable for mature/demanding skin and dry, sensitive skin.
Dermalogica Micro-Pore Mist 118ml
Dermalogica Micro-Pore Mist Finally, a toner that tackles multiple problems at once: minimizes visible pores, regulates excess sebum, and helps reduce blemish scars. The skin can be incredibly unpredictable, and Clear Start offers a product you can always rely on! The hyper-effective blend of brightening Niacinamide and sebum-reducing ingredients visibly reduces pores. Regardless of whether the skin contains impurities or is on the oily side. Gentle enough to use throughout the day for a refreshing effect when you need it. The bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic so that you ensure smooth skin and a better world. This is how you use Dermalogica Micro-Pore Mist. Daily use, twice a day: Spray all over the face and neck with closed eyes. Apply the product to any place (including the body) that is prone to blemishes. Let it soak in properly. It can also be applied with a damp cotton pad.
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SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner 200ml
Equalizing Toner Equalizing Toner is a balancing solution with a fruit acid complex, softens, and refreshes the skin. Equalizing Toner is suitable for all skin types. This Toner helps to keep the skin barrier in balance, refresh, and it removes the waste. It is formulated with hydroxyurea to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Besides, it contains vegetable extracts such as witch hazel, rosemary, aloe vera, and chamomile. This formula ensures that the skin softens, refreshes, soothed, and firmed. The benefits of Equalizing Toner: Contains hydroxy acids and vegetable extracts Mild exfoliation of dead skin cells Softening and soothing the skin Restores the protective acid mantle How you use Equalizing Toner: Clean the surface with a SkinCeuticals cleanser. Apply the Toner to a cotton ball and clean the face. Use twice a day.    
€43.70 from €46.00
Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner 150ml
Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner is an alcohol-free toner with nourishing prebiotics strengthening the skin's natural defenses. It soothes inflammation. It moisturizes and rebalances the skin. Carefully balanced pH, Daily Refresh Balancing Toner helps restore the skin's essential balance. It was formulated with witch hazel as a natural astringent to minimize pores and tighten skin, leaving it feeling refreshed yet hydrated. Niacinamide and Aloe Vera gently soothe inflamed or irritated skin to reduce redness and promote the skin's natural healing process. Allantoin supports the skin's barrier to protect against environmental influences. Prebiotics nourish the skin's inherent microbiome to promote balance in healthy skin. The skin is nourished, kept calm, and soft. The benefits of Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner: Soothes and softens the skin It makes the skin fresher Extra care of the skin after cleansing Alcohol-free This is how you use Medik8 Daily Refresh, Balancing Toner: After cleansing, in the morning and evening, apply a small amount of Daily Refresh Balancing Toner onto a cotton pad and gently rub it over the face, neck, and décolleté.
hannah Fresh & Fruity
hannah Fresh & Fruity This set contains a Vitamin Complex 200ml (re)fill package with Flairosol handy packaging. hannah Vitamin Complex is an intensive moisture care for the skin with skin's own vitamins. Aging means loss of moisture from the skin. This can be overcome by the natural vitamins A, D, E, F and K in this unique spray. These vitamins are absorbed directly by your skin. They are the only vitamins that can penetrate the skin, and then reach your deeper skin layers to provide extra vitality. Due to the optimal hydration of your skin as a result of the Vitamin Complex, you need significantly less cream afterwards. When used daily after cleansing and before applying the hannah cream recommended for you, Vitamin Complex gives the skin a refreshed and comfortable feeling and a beautiful and striking radiant complexion. Use hannah Vitamin Complex: For daily use, after cleansing and before applying a cream, spray and massage into the face. Spray and massage in between each layer of cream Vitamin Complex The Vitamin Complex spray immediately gives the skin a comfortable and refreshed feeling and provides a remarkably radiant complexion. This unique spray is a refreshing multivitamin cocktail for the skin!
Tyro Violet Softening Lotion 200ml
Violet Softening Lotion Fresh lotion based on fruit extracts (blue & blackcurrant) to complete the cleansing. Removes excess sebum and skin impurities to prepare the skin for a day or night care. Restores the PH value of the skin. The Benefits of Violet Softening Lotion: Fresh fruit, but in a bottle and for the face! The scent of blueberries and raspberries gives a true wellness experience Packed with antioxidants How to use Violet Softening Lotion: Use this fresh lotion to end the cleansing, sprinkle a generous amount on a cotton pad and restore the PH value of the skin. The TYRO Top Cleansing Gel is the perfect cleansing gel to use. Skin type: Suitable for every skin type.
Medik8 Pore Minimising Tonic 100ml
Medik8 Pore Minimizing Tonic Improve the appearance of the skin with Pore Minimizing Tonic. This post-cleansing purifying solution visibly shrinks pores with an optimized blend of AHAs and BHAs. Together they remove deep-seated oil and blemishes, which can cause pores to shrink back to their normal size. At the same time, red clover extract refines the pores, while antioxidants work in the enlarged pores caused by skin aging. The benefits of Medik8 Pore Minimizing Tonic: Ensures that the skin is matted Reduces coarse skin texture and pores Protects the skin against free radicals (substances that destroy skin cells) It has a purifying effect Alcohol-free This is how you use the Medik8 Pore Minimizing Tonic: In the morning and evening, apply a small amount of liquid to a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area.

A wide choice of facial lotion at Het Cosmeticahuis

Anything that is liquid and is used for the face can, of course, be called a facial lotion. That would make the term facial lotion very vague. At Het Cosmeticahuis, by facial lotion, we mean a lotion used between cleansing the face and applying a day or night care. This lotion removes the last remnants of dirt from the face and/or prepares the skin for the cream applied afterward. A facial lotion also ensures the recovery of the skin surface after cleansing.

Facial Lotion

The right facial lotion for every skin

Naturally, Het Cosmeticahuis has facial lotion in its range for every skin type. Normal skin, oily skin, sensitive or mature skin: they can all benefit from the right lotion. In our webshop, it is easy to find the right facial lotion for your skin. Choose your skin type using the filters at the top of the page, and only the products that are suitable for your skin will appear. Of course, you can also surf through the webshop yourself and view all products.


Emulsions are richer than the sprays or tonics that we also have in our range. Because these lotions are slightly richer, they are often suitable for all skin types. This kind of facial lotion is applied to the face, massaged in, and removed with a cotton ball. The product can also be applied to the cotton ball to rid the face of dirt residues. These lotions are also soothing for the face. The hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion is a good example of this. This facial lotion is very gentle on the skin, alcohol-free, and visibly calms the skin. Tyro Rosa Canina Lotion is another very mild lotion for the face. With a cotton pad, this lotion is spread over the face to remove the last remaining dirt from the skin. Because it does not need to be rinsed, it leaves wonderfully soft skin.


Tonics, also called toners, are lotions that remove the last remnants of dirt from the face while providing the face with the necessary nutrients that were lost with cleansing. A good tonic smoothes the skin, soothes the skin, and leaves the skin looking radiant all day long.

At Het Cosmeticahuis, we have different types of tonic in the range. An example of this is the hannah Active Lotion that disinfects the face and, at the same time, cleans intensively and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. The Cenzaa Illuminating Mist moisturizes, brightens the skin, and restores the acidity of the skin. The Tyro Violet Softening Lotion, in turn, removes excess dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt residues and ensures radiant skin. The Juliette Armand Hydra Cleansing, as a final example, is rich in soothing ingredients, antioxidants, and hypoallergenic ingredients. This tonic provides hydrated and firmed skin.


The lotions in the ' spray ' category are all lotions applied after the complete cleansing of the face. As the name of the category suggests, these lotions are sprayed on the face. All these products are very caring and moisturizing. They all have their own extra effect. For example, the hannah Vitamin Complex adds skin's own vitamins to the skin. The hannah Sparkling Spray contains many aloe vera and ensures an increased transport of active ingredients from other care products so that less cream has to be used. The Tyro Lotion Spray is a fresh facial lotion for every day. These sprays are not removed from the skin but can be absorbed.