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Facial lotions

Het Cosmeticahuis has a facial lotion for every skin type in its range. Normal skin, oily skin, sensitive or mature skin: all can benefit from the right lotion.


A wide choice of facial lotion at Het Cosmeticahuis

Anything that is liquid and is used for the face can, of course, be called a facial lotion. That would make the term facial lotion very vague. At Het Cosmeticahuis, by facial lotion, we mean a lotion used between cleansing the face and applying a day or night care. This lotion removes the last remnants of dirt from the face and/or prepares the skin for the cream applied afterward. A facial lotion also ensures the recovery of the skin surface after cleansing.

Facial Lotion

The right facial lotion for every skin

Naturally, Het Cosmeticahuis has facial lotion in its range for every skin type. Normal skin, oily skin, sensitive or mature skin: they can all benefit from the right lotion. In our webshop, it is easy to find the right facial lotion for your skin. Choose your skin type using the filters at the top of the page, and only the products that are suitable for your skin will appear. Of course, you can also surf through the webshop yourself and view all products.


Emulsions are richer than the sprays or tonics that we also have in our range. Because these lotions are slightly richer, they are often suitable for all skin types. This kind of facial lotion is applied to the face, massaged in, and removed with a cotton ball. The product can also be applied to the cotton ball to rid the face of dirt residues. These lotions are also soothing for the face. The hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion is a good example of this. This facial lotion is very gentle on the skin, alcohol-free, and visibly calms the skin. Tyro Rosa Canina Lotion is another very mild lotion for the face. With a cotton pad, this lotion is spread over the face to remove the last remaining dirt from the skin. Because it does not need to be rinsed, it leaves wonderfully soft skin.


Tonics, also called toners, are lotions that remove the last remnants of dirt from the face while providing the face with the necessary nutrients that were lost with cleansing. A good tonic smoothes the skin, soothes the skin, and leaves the skin looking radiant all day long.

At Het Cosmeticahuis, we have different types of tonic in the range. An example of this is the hannah Active Lotion that disinfects the face and, at the same time, cleans intensively and stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. The Cenzaa Illuminating Mist moisturizes, brightens the skin, and restores the acidity of the skin. The Tyro Violet Softening Lotion, in turn, removes excess dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt residues and ensures radiant skin. The Juliette Armand Hydra Cleansing, as a final example, is rich in soothing ingredients, antioxidants, and hypoallergenic ingredients. This tonic provides hydrated and firmed skin.


The lotions in the ' spray ' category are all lotions applied after the complete cleansing of the face. As the name of the category suggests, these lotions are sprayed on the face. All these products are very caring and moisturizing. They all have their own extra effect. For example, the hannah Vitamin Complex adds skin's own vitamins to the skin. The hannah Sparkling Spray contains many aloe vera and ensures an increased transport of active ingredients from other care products so that less cream has to be used. The Tyro Lotion Spray is a fresh facial lotion for every day. These sprays are not removed from the skin but can be absorbed.