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Baya Baya is designed to take your shower & bath ritual to the next level and bring innovation to your bathroom by improving and making the showering experience more sustainable. They do this by removing the plastic bottle from the bathroom and replacing it with an aluminum bottle, which can then be refilled with a mix of body wash powders and water. 

The products are vegan and carry the Zero Plastic Inside label, which means they are 100% microplastic-free. In addition, using an aluminum bottle that can last a long time and be recycled contributes to a more sustainable future.

The (at)home testers tested the BAYA BAYA starter kit. Baya's starter kits include a refillable aluminum bottle (available in olive green or sand beige), a funnel, and three sachets containing 30 grams of soluble powder each. 

Marit: "Super nice & good product to have in your shower for your daily care."

I received BAYA BAYA's products in a nice starter kit with clear instructions about the product. I had looked into the BAYA BAYA brand and read that the idea is to say goodbye to plastic bottles in the bathroom. You can see this trend a lot lately and I have already tried it with shampoo so I was very curious about the shower version. The starter kit from BAYA BAYA includes a beautiful refillable aluminum bottle that I personally really like. The sand-colored bottle looks really nice in the recess of the shower, so in that respect it's an upgrade over the other (plastic) packaging. I've been using the product for a while now and it doesn't dry out the skin and smells lovely and fresh. In terms of texture, I did have to get used to this product - doesn't quite have my preference, but isn't wrong.