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Discovery Kits

It is important to know what your skin needs and carefully adjust your skincare accordingly. Discover and experience it with Cenzaa's Discovery Kits.

Cenzaa Discovery Kits tailored to your skin

In the enormous offer of cosmetic products, it is often difficult to match the right products for your specific skin. Cenzaa has put together several Discovery kits to make a choice a lot easier. A well-tuned skincare ritual has been composed for the most common skin types with these kits.

Experience the power of Cenzaa with one of the following kits

  • DESTRESS AND REPAIR DISCOVERY KIT: For sensitive & red skin | rosacea
  • AGE REDUCE DISCOVERY KIT: For mature & elderly skin.
  • MULTI CLARIFYING DISCOVERY KIT: For combination and oily skin.
  • ULTRA MOIST DISCOVERY KIT: For young and normal skin.
  • NUTRI CARE DISCOVERY KIT: For dehydrated skin and dry skin.
  • REPROGRAM DISCOVERY KIT: For tired and stressed skin.
  • FOR MEN DISCOVERY KIT: For care and protection of men's skin.
  • Your skin routine in a luxury set

    The kits contain a complete set of exclusive skin care products for your entire beauty routine. You start your daily skincare routine by cleansing your skin with a product that suits your skin condition. In addition to the daily cleansing, you use a deep cleaning twice a week. During this beauty ritual, dead skin cells and impurities are removed, and the effectiveness of the skin improvement products is optimized.

    With the serum suitable for your skin, you give your skin an extra power boost. It is the most powerful dose of active ingredients absorbed deep and quickly into the skin layers. A few concentrated drops are enough to improve the skin to the maximum. Subsequently, the 24-hour cream protects against harmful external influences, hydration and nutrition for your skin. Furthermore, if you take a mask now and then, you will give your skin an extra boost and keep it healthy. Also, masks are specially developed for different skin types and skin needs. Finally, as the last significant step in your daily routine, protect your skin from the sun. A great start to a bright day for you and your skin!