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Acne Line

The hannah acne line contains all the essential products with which acne can be tackled. Tackle acne today with hannah's top products.

The hannah acne line has been specially developed to effectively tackle acne. The range consists of a limited number of products that are perfectly matched to achieve the best possible result against the expulsion of acne. The range consists of:

Active Dry,

is effectively used to repair small wounds, acne, herpes, moisture and irritation blisters for example from the sun (sun allergy) or problems after shaving. Also with papules, pustules or inflammation, the moisture is absorbed and the skin can start to recover.

Active Lotion,

stimulates the circulation of the skin, thus promoting skin repair. In addition, it also provides intensive cleaning, disinfection and exfoliation of your skin. Use hannah Active Lotion to treat acne, an oily T-zone, a coarse pore, a thickened horny layer and/or ageing skin.

Active Mask,

Purifies the skin and stimulates circulation. The increased blood flow causes a better supply of nutrients and oxygen, so the transport of waste products is stimulated. Also, the supply of the subsequently applied nutrients is stimulated. This mask is suitable for all skin conditions.

Clearity Cream,

This cream guarantees an extraordinary improvement of impure or irritated skin thanks to its cocktail of pure active ingredients from natural sources such as essential oils, pumpkin extract and corn. This cream has a normalizing effect on both sebum production and inflammation and irritation of the skin.

By combining the various products from the hannah acne line you will achieve the best results. Are you unsure of yourself which products are best for you, ask for a free skin consultation, one of our certified skin coaches will help you further.

You will get rid of acne by using the products from the hannah acne line!