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Bodycare Solutions

A solution for every body. Mesoestetic Bodyshock is a new generation of body solutions to treat the most important silhouette changes in a personalized way.

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert 200ml
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Celluxpert This cream-gel improves the skin structure and moisturizes the skin. Bodyshock Celluxpert prevents cellulite and reduces orange peel skin. The term cellulite refers to the dimple in the skin, usually found on the hips, thighs, and buttocks, caused by fat buildup that pushes and distorts the connective tissue under the skin. Bodyshock Celluxpert contains Arnica extract and organic silicon that increase the skin's firmness, visibly toning the orange peel skin. The benefits of Bodyshock Celluxpert Contains caffeine that increases fat burning and removes toxins Regenerating & restructuring This is how you use Bodyshock Celluxpert Turn the headpiece to the on position and dose the product with circular massage to the desired areas. Turn the head piece to the off position and massage until fully incorporated. The exclusive application system with roll-on beads optimizes the application and absorption of the product and provides an immediate refreshing and stimulating effect. Celluxpert can also be used without this attached particular massage head. Use twice a day in the morning and evening. Skin type Suitable for all skin types, especially skin with cellulite.
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream 250ml
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream This fast-absorbing moisturizer gives an immediate feeling of freshness and softness, prevents stretch marks and repairs damaged skin. The Bodyshock Essential Cream formula combines a complex of plant extracts, such as Huang qi, which has a recognized regenerating, moisturizing and biobalancing effect. Centella asiatica promotes skin firmness, visibly reduces stretch marks and helps prevent new stretch marks. The presence of liposomal oils and Shea butter provides a nourishing and antioxidant effect. The benefits of Bodyshock Essential Cream Antioxidant action Nourishing and moisturizing Ideal during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (stretch marks) How to use Bodyshock Essential Cream Stretch marks mainly occur on growth areas such as buttocks, thighs, lower back, back of knee and areas that are hormonally affected or undergo significant changes during and after pregnancy (abdomen and chest). Therefore, apply the Mesoestetic Bodyshock Essential Cream to the desired area(s) to be treated and massage in. Skin type Suitable for all skin types for daily use.
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Firm'Up 150ml & Roller
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Firm'Up & Roller Firming body cream with push-up effect with tightening and restructuring active ingredients for firmer, toned skin. Bodyshock Firm'Up contains caffeine and L-carnitine, encapsulated in liposomes, and African Kigelia extract, which provides firmness to sagging areas such as arms, buttocks, and breasts. A molecular film of amino acids and proteins moisturizes and gives an immediate firming effect. This Bodyshock Firm'Up & Roller is a duo package and consists of the Firm Up cream and a unique added roller. The firming cream is perfect for use on its own or alongside other body contouring treatments. The Bodyshock Firm'Up stimulates the skin's ability to reshape your body contours with firmness and elasticity, especially the buttocks and breasts. The combination of a formula with a massage roller improves the spreadability and application of the product, enhances the action of the active ingredient, and gives an immediate feeling of freshness. Bodyshock Firm'Up&Roller tackles the root cause of flaccidity, firms the skin, and gives the treated areas a lifted and smoother appearance. The benefits of Bodyshock Firm'Up Firms loose skin, especially on the breasts and buttocks Perfect for home use This is how you use Bodyshock Firm'Up & Roller. Apply the Firm'Up twice daily, morning and evening, using the massage roller. Massage gently upwardly until the skin completely absorbs the cream. The massage roller improves spreadability and enhances the push-up effect of the active ingredients. Skin type Suitable for all skin types, especially sagging skin.
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Intensive Mist 2x35ml
Mesoestetic Bodyshock Intensive Mist Mist with an intensive effect. It is formulated with the highly effective complex [meso]adipoactive complex™ to act on localized areas and define the silhouette. Bodyshock Intensive Mist contains milk thistle extract, caffeine and Arnica extract that enhances the action of the complex and reduces the appearance of cellulite imperfections. The light formula with an invisible finish and the easy-to-apply mist make it a perfect product to use before sports. By combining the Bodyshock Intensive Mist with the other Mesoestetic Bodyshock products, you intensify and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Thanks to the integration of active ingredients with a stimulating and firming effect, you can feel intense heat or tingle on the applied area after use. This effect may vary depending on the person, day, or time of application. This feeling results from the active ingredients' impact on the area. It is temporary and should not be confused with an unwanted product. The benefits of the Bodyshock Intensive Mist Can be used topically to define the silhouette Booster for the skin How to use Bodyshock Intensive Mist Shake the Mist before use and release by turning to the left until the mechanism is unlocked. Place the product 20cm away from the skin and press the bottom of the bottle to spray the solution. Apply evenly with a gentle circular massage until the skin completely absorbs the mist. Apply the Intensive Mist before physical exertion and as a booster for the other Mesoestetic Bodyshock products: Celluxpert, Firm'Up & Roller, and Essential Cream to enhance the result. Skin type Suitable for all skin types, especially skin with localized oil.
Mesoestetic Grascontrol Lipactive Solution 14x10ml
Mesoestetic Grass Control Lipactive Solution  New breakthrough solution in liquid form for targeted fat treatment. An extraordinary blend of extracts of L-carnitine, ginseng and bitter orange works intensively over a 14-day program to reduce stubborn localized fat. Benefits of Grass Control Lipactive Solution Fat Mobilization: Accelerates metabolism and promotes lipid release -. Lipolytishc: Stimulates the consumption of fat as an energy source. Thermogenetic: Increases body temperature by stimulating fat burning. Venotonsich: Improves blood circulation and microcirculation. How to use Grasscontrol Lipactive Solution Step 1: Mix and dilute the entire contents of one bottle with a glass of water, preferably in the morning or before physical activity.Step 2: Then stir very gently and take the mixture. To achieve the most optimal results, it is strongly recommended to use one bottle daily and consume this product continuously for up to 3 months. This should be combined with a healthy and balanced diet. Grasscontrol lipactive solution has a delectable grapefruit flavor, is suitable for vegans and contains no added sugars.
Mesoestetic Grascontrol Detox Powder 20 x 3 gr
Mesoestetic Grass Control Detox Powder Optimal combination of plant extracts helps detoxify the body and eliminate accumulated fluids and fats through a 20-day detox plan. An exclusive powdered formula to dissolve in water. Grass Control Detox Powder tastes like mango, is vegan and contains no added sugars. 10 kcal/stick The benefits of Grasscontrol Detox Powder Detoxifying: Contributes to the elimination of secondary waste metabolites. Diuretic: Stimulates diuresis, promotes the elimination of accumulated fluids and detoxifies the body. Promotes digestive: Promotes metabolism of fats and proteins. Prebiotic: Helps in the selective growth of healthy bacteria. How to use Mesoestetic Grass Control Detox Powder Preferably consume in the morning and/or during the day. Combine with one liter of water:Step 1: Dissolve the contents of one stick in 1L of water.Step 2: Lightly shake the bottle until the powder is completely dissolved.Step 3: Consume the contents of the bottle during the morning. For optimal results, it is recommended to consume one stick daily and use the product continuously (maximum 3 months), in combination with a healthy and balanced diet.

What is Mesoestetic Bodyshock?

The Mesoestetic Bodyshock product line contains innovative body solutions with formulas tailored to every need and indication backed by proven results.

The effective formulation technology with active ingredients works effectively for maximum results.