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Age Elements | Brightening Solutions

Anti-aging solutions with intensive antioxidant action that improve facial brightness and prevent premature skin aging.

Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Solutions

The key feature of the Age Element Brightening Solutions line products is their high concentration of antioxidants and brightening action. These products combat the first signs of skin aging.

Brightening Solutions products

The Brightening Solutions line consists of four products. The face cream and concentrate intensively even out and brighten the skin tone, while the eye cream counteracts puffiness and signs of fatigue. The Brightening Complex Plus is an intensive shock treatment with a high concentration of vitamin C.

Intensive antioxidant action

The products contain textures with light and quickly absorbable formulas that brighten and revitalize your face. Your skin tone is evened out, and imperfections in your face are smoothed. In addition, the epigenetic action ensures the avoidance of expression lines. The Age Element Brightening Solutions line is, therefore the line that counters the first signs of skin aging.