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There is a suitable Shampoo Bar for every hair type and one bar replaces 3 plastic bottles and lasts 80 washes on average. So very environmentally friendly.

Shampoo Bars: start with plastic free showering

Per person, we use about 165 pounds of plastic containers per year. 50% of the plastic we use only once before we throw it away. 

Mark and Lyan, founders of Shampoo Bars, thought something had to be done about this. Their vision, and that of Shampoo Bars, is to make plastic reduction possible by offering everyone the possibility to shower in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

Shampoo Bars, better for the environment, good for your hair!

The Bars are developed and produced in the Netherlands and are carefully composed with natural ingredients and sustainably produced.

What is a Shampoo Bar?

A Bar (also known as soap) is actually the same as a 'normal' shampoo and shower foam. The only difference is that these products are made up of about 80% water which makes it liquid and can be packaged in a plastic bottle. The Bars have a solid form so they do not need to be packed in a plastic bottle.This means that there is little packaging material needed (a recycled paper bag is enough) and you save a lot of plastic. 

Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Bars

Together with Shampoo Bars you make sure there is less unnecessary plastic. There is a shampoo bar for every hair type, but there are also conditioner and body bars. Discover the full range of Shampoo Bars on The Cosmetics House.