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Sample set for oily skin

By using the right skin care products you bring your skin back into balance and your skin looks more even and coarse pores are visibly reduced.

Dermalogica Monster set oily skin
€11.13 from €15.90
Extenso Monster set oily skin
€5.53 from €7.90
IMAGE Skincare Sample set oily skin
€10.50 from €15.00
Murad Monster set oily skin
€11.06 from €15.80
Neoderma Monster set oily skin
€10.43 from €14.90

Why a sample set for oily skin?

Do you have an oily skin type, and would you like to start a skincare routine and try the products of a particular brand? Then the sample sets for oily skin are the solution for you.

Using the right skin care products will bring your skin back into balance, your skin will look more even, and large pores will be visibly reduced. Products based on a liquid or gel are suitable for oily skin. The basis for oily skin is a good cleanser. If you only have oily skin in some areas, be careful with using skin care products for oily skin on your entire face. This is to prevent your natural skin from 'drying out. In this case, use the products for oily skin only locally.

Characteristics of oily skin

  • Your skin has oily areas (T-zone) or is entirely oily
  • Large and visible pores
  • Your skin has congestion and blackheads

Skin advice

Would you like advice on which brand is suitable for your skin? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our skin coaches are happy to advise you without any obligation.