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Step 4. 24H Creams

Cenzaa 24H creams have a built-in clock and work three times eight hours when applied twice a day, as the fourth step within the six-step plan. During the day they work protecting, in the evening relaxing and at night restoring.

Step 4: 24H Creams

The fourth step within Cenzaa's 6-step plan is to apply a 24-hour face cream. The Cenzaa 24-hour face cream has a built-in clock and works three times eight hours if you apply it twice a day. At Cenzaa, we use a 2-in-1 face cream for day and night. During the day it works to protect, in the evening it relaxes and at night it repairs. Cenzaa's 24-hour face creams are very highly formulated with revolutionary PCN2® active ingredients and are aimed at structural skin improvement. All 24-hour face creams of Cenzaa offer year-round protection against UV rays, free radicals and harmful external influences by the high dose of antioxidants. With daily use of the facial creams, the result is already visible within a short time.

Cenzaa Products

Besides the power serums, the 6-step plan also consists of cleaners, deep cleaners, 24H Cremes, masks and protection products. For optimal skin care it is advisable to use one product from each step (type of product) in your care ritual