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6 step plan

In 6 steps to maximum skin improvement. You can with Cenzaa's unique and simple 6-step home care plan.

In 6 steps to an optimal skin condition

Taking care of your skin optimally does not have to be complicated. Cenzaa has developed the unique 6-step plan, where you work on maximum skin improvement at home. In these six steps, Cenzaa guides you to a healthy and radiant skin. Fun fact: to make it even easier for you, you will also find the unique Cenzaa 6-step plan on the packaging of the Cenzaa products. So you know exactly when to use which product.

Step 1 | Cleansing

Cenzaa's cleansing products, with high concentrations of cosmeceuticals, have a nourishing, skin improving, antioxidant and protective effect. A clean skin is prepared to let the active, valuable ingredients from the Cenzaa products penetrate deeper into the skin. The Cenzaa cleansing products are suitable for all skin types and purify and cleanse without drying out.

Discover the cleansing products for step 1.

Step 2 | Deep cleansing

Besides the daily cleansing of your face, it is important to one to three times a week to apply a deep cleansing to your skin. A deep cleanse is the second step within the 6-step plan of Cenzaa.

Dead skin cells and impurities are removed, the pores purified and irregularities evened out. A deep cleansing refines lines and wrinkles, brightens a dull complexion and evens out scars. It also stimulates cell renewal, so your skin will have a fresh and young appearance again or will keep it that way. The skin regains its vitality and is prepared to transport the active ingredients of the following steps deeper into the skin.

Discover the deep cleansing products for step 2.

Step 3 | Serum

Serums are packed with active ingredients and are recommended in addition to the regular daily care. Serums are particularly suited to target a skin problem and quickly boost the skin when needed.

Cenzaa's serums work particularly efficiently and effectively to address your skin desire or skin problem. By using a serum as the third step of the 6-step plan, other skin care products will also more easily stimulate the skin to the desired skin result. This way, not only does your skin get a boost, but you boost your entire skin care line at the same time. Thanks to the special PCN2® formula of cosmeceuticals, the complex is transported faster and deeper into all skin layers. It is the most powerful dose of active ingredients that improve the skin to the maximum. Only a few drops are sufficient. Complexes from Cenzaa are there to boost, lighten or protect the skin.

Discover all power serums for step 3.

Step 4 | Face Cream

The fourth step within Cenzaa's 6-step plan is to apply a 24-hour face cream. The Cenzaa 24-hour face cream has a built-in clock and works three times eight hours if you apply it twice a day.

At Cenzaa, they use a 2-in-1 face cream for day and night. During the day it works to protect, in the evening it relaxes and at night it repairs. Cenzaa's 24-hour face creams are very highly formulated with revolutionary PCN2® active ingredients and are aimed at structural skin improvement. All 24-hour face creams of Cenzaa offer year-round protection against UV rays, free radicals and harmful external influences by the high dose of antioxidants. With daily use of the face creams, the results are already visible within a short time.

Discover all 24-hour face creams for step 4.

Step 5 | Face mask

The use of the face mask from Cenzaa is the fifth step within the 6-step plan. The face masks provide the perfect complement that the skin needs. Cenzaa's face masks are true vitamin cocktails for the skin. The skin is temporarily sealed, retaining moisture and warmth, and waste products are better removed.

We advise you to apply a face mask to your face three times a week. Cenzaa's face masks calm down skin stress and make tired skin shine again. Did you know that you can also perfectly use our face masks as night care? The facial mask thus penetrates even deeper into the skin.

Discover all face masks for step 5.

Step 6 | Sun protection

UVA and UVB radiation is one of the main causes of accelerated skin aging, pigmentation and discoloration. UVA light also plays an important role in the formation of skin cancer. As the last step within the Cenzaa 6-step plan, you protect your skin daily from the harmful influences of the sun. Therefore, make it a habit to protect your skin from the sun with an extra filter at all times. That's why all Cenzaa face creams and BB creams come with a natural filter.

Discover all sun protection for step 6.

Cenzaa's Disovery Kits

Cenzaa's Discovery Kits contain all the products you need to apply the 6-step plan to your skin. The Discovery Kit is an introductory kit equipped with seven powerfully formulated travelsize products. It is important to know what your skin needs and to carefully adjust your skin care to it.

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Are you looking for the most suitable products for your skin type, desire or problem? Then contact us! As a certified Cenzaa skin expert, we will gladly help you find the right Cenzaa products.