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Step 6. Protect

As the final step in the Cenzaa 6-step plan, protect your skin daily from the harmful effects of the sun. So make a habit of protecting your skin from the sun with an extra filter at all times.

>h2>Step 6: Protection

UVA radiation is one of the main causes of accelerated skin aging, pigmentation and discoloration. UVA light also plays an important role in the formation of skin cancer. As the last step within the Cenzaa 6-step plan, you protect your skin daily from the harmful influences of the sun. Therefore, make it a habit to protect your skin from the sun at all times with an extra filter, such as the Facial Protection. The Cenzaa facial creams and BB creams all have a natural filter. The Cenzaa Facial Protection is available with an SPF 15, 25 or 50.

Cenzaa Products

Besides the 24H Cremes, the 6-step plan also consists of cleaners, deep cleaners, power serums, masks and 24H Cremes. For optimal skin care, it is advisable to use one product from each step (type of product) in your care ritual