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Pier Augé

The Pier Augé brand was founded in Monaco in 1961 by a visionary and passionate pharmacist, Pierre Jules Augé. He is interested in the latest research on the skin and its physiological composition. He starts from his following conviction:

"Since the skin is a formula, it must be possible to reproduce it."

The exclusive concept of the Dergyl©-method takes shape: an emulsion with the same nature, structure and composition as the skin. He creates his first cream ENTAL DÉLICATE in tribute to his wife who had delicate and sensitive skin. This is followed by the cosmetics line ENTAL.

What is the Dergyl©- method?

In 1961, scientists demonstrated that the skin is an emulsion composed of water, proteins, lipids and mineral salts. Augé is fascinated by this discovery and understands that these elements are inseparable: the skin has specific needs and only active ingredients that match its chemical composition can maintain and restore its functions. He decides to reproduce the skin formula and create the Dergyl©-method: an emulsion with the same nature, structure and composition as the skin. The method is based on two fundamental principles: respecting the skin's physiological formula and the precise selection of active ingredients that meet identified needs.

Restoring the skin's original balance by drawing inspiration from its essence is central to our approach. By giving the skin what it needs, by reminding it of its eessence, our skin reminder products enable it to protect itself and regenerate efficiently. Once this reminder is refreshed, the skin regains its integrity, strength and full radiance.