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Discover the enchanting TREATMENTS® Ceylon collection, inspired by the exotic scents and vibrant colors of Sri Lanka. Indulge yourself in ancient relaxation rituals and enjoy the healing properties of Ayurvedic herbs and minerals.


TREATMENTS® Ceylon Collection

The TREATMENTS® Ceylon collection is an enchanting collection of skincare products inspired by the exotic scents and vibrant colors of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. This breathtaking island is in the Indian Ocean, hidden in southern India. Discover this paradisiacal haven's ancient relaxation rituals - from soothing massages to invigorating baths. The healing properties of Ayurvedic herbs and minerals are evident in every formula of the TREATMENT® Ceylon collection, both in scent and action. Immerse yourself in this unique collection, where we offer a wide range of care products.

TREATMENTS® Ceylon Product Line

The TREATMENTS® Ceylon product line includes lush personal care products, gift sets, and home fragrance items. These products are rooted in ancient wellness rituals traditionally practiced on the enchanting island of Ceylon. After a soothing visit to a bathhouse, the body was massaged with heated Shea butter, a ritual now revived thanks to the authentically scented Shea butter that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Another fascinating fact is that the Sea Salt body scrub is made with salt from the ocean, leaving your skin smoother and velvety soft. Create the perfect atmosphere in your home with fragrance sticks and pamper yourself with the Ceylon shower oil, which takes the aromatic care experience to the next level.