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Escape the daily grind and create your own dream destination with TREATMENTS®. Experience the luxury spa experience in your home bathroom with these exclusive products.


TREATMENTS® - turn your bathroom into a home spa!

TREATMENTS® brings the experience of a luxury spa to your home bathroom. The products are made with the very best natural ingredients whenever possible. Be transported to exotic destinations such as traditional Japan, extraordinary Bhutan, authentic Ceylon, or warm Bolivia. Escape the daily grind and create your dream destination with TREATMENTS®.

Discover the delightful TREATMENTS® collections.

  • The TREATMENTS® Ceylon collection brings the beauty and tranquility of Sri Lanka to your bathroom. Be enchanted by the exotic scents and vibrant colors of this paradisiacal place while enjoying the healing properties of Ayurvedic spices and minerals. With an extensive range of care products, this collection offers something for everyone. Experience the magic of Sri Lanka and pamper yourself with the TREATMENTS® Ceylon collection.
  • The TREATMENTS® Uyuni skincare line pays homage to the rich tradition of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Using the unique minerals and healthy salts from these salt flats, TREATMENTS® has created a unique product line that pampers your skin and leaves it glowing. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and pampering with TREATMENTS® Uyuni products.
  • With TREATMENTS® Mahayana, you can create your skincare ritual and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of Bhutan. Close your eyes, breathe in the enchanting scents, and let all the day's stress slip away. UYou will find that it not only cares for the skin, but also soothes and calms your mind.
  • The TREATMENTS® Shinshiro line epitomizes enchanting care rooted in ancient Japanese traditions. With these products, you can enjoy the scents and workings that take you to the green rice terraces of Shinshiro. Step into this world of peace and relaxation and be seduced by the power of the TREATMENTS® Shinshiro line.
  • The TREATMENTS® Omani collection introduces you to the beautiful natural treasures of Oman. Based on ancient recipes, this unique skincare line brings the traditions and secrets of this sultanate directly to you. Let yourself be taken on an unforgettable journey to enchanting Oman and experience the luxury and sophistication this country is known for.

Create your home spa.

Treatments® products transform your bathroom into your spa oasis. Disconnect from everything around you and turn inward without leaving your home. Our products are designed to give you well-deserved rest, relaxation, and recharging.

Treat yourself to that moment.

Are you longing for a moment of pure relaxation? Then treat yourself to Treatments® products and give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves. Go for the ultimate spa experience in your own home and enjoy a pampering moment over and over again. Feel the stress fall away as you are transported to exotic destinations full of beauty and tranquility.