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360° Skincode

360° Skincode is the total program for maximum skin improvement and revolutionary skin rejuvenation while maintaining natural looks.

360° Skincode, the showpiece of Cenzaa

This high-end line of Cenzaa offers you an entirely personal skin improvement program where the focus is on the inside, outside, lifestyle and mind. 360° Skincode goes beyond the regular skin improvement products and starts with a thorough SkinDNA research.

360° SKINCODE is based on your skin DNA

DNA only determines 20% of how and in what way the skin ages. The other 80%, determined by your lifestyle, is yours to influence. Because 360° SKINCODE looks at your skin, lifestyle and effective treatments and products from 360 degrees, it is possible to influence the 80% lifestyle favourably. Therefore, if you know how your skin is aging, you can already work preventively and specifically towards the right solution and thus positively influence your skin's future. Skin rejuvenation in a natural way is therefore really in your hands.

The 360° Skincode product range

The range does not only consist of skincare products but also includes several Foodceuticals products and cell-activating cups. With the foodceuticals you work from the inside out to improve your skin. In combination with the High-End skincare products, you give your skin the care it needs.

Discover your skin DNA with the SkinDNA test

The basis for the 360° skin code is your skin DNA. With the SkinDNA test, which is also available on our webshop, you will receive a complete report of your skin DNA. This report will also show your skin needs, and what types of products are suitable for this.