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Cenzaa has travelled to a unique destination to transform this place's characteristics, culture, and secrets into a unique limited edition line from the Seasons Collection: RYJVK. They use undiscovered ingredients and minerals to reflect sustainable beauty in its purest form.

RYJVK, an impressive journey

RYJVK will take you on an impressive journey to magical Iceland: discover endless lava fields, wild coastal areas, mighty waterfalls, and majestic ice caps. Travel to Reykjavik: a place where the world is still pure and untouched. Let the refined and luxurious fragrance sensation of RYJVK evoke a longing for earth, green forests, fresh waterfalls, and the light of the midnight sun.

RYJVK with attention and respect for the skin!

The products from the RYJVK collection have been developed with attention and respect for the skin and the earth and in harmony with life itself. The unique mineral resources of Iceland, such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts, and thermal water, can be found based on the products. We have combined these natural and beneficial raw materials into effective, safe formulas suitable for even the most sensitive skins.


Age-old survival secrets of nature are used within the complete RYJVK concept to counteract the harmful effects of life and the environment and maintain optimal skin condition, the Advanced Essential Complex. This blend of powerful minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts, and thermal water supports the skin's vital functions and is the key to healthy, young-looking, and radiant skin.

The Advanced Essential Complex:

  • nourishes the skin,
  • slows aging,
  • stimulates cell renewal,
  • restores moisture content,
  • softens and protects against harmful external influences