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Discover which Combray oil is right for you

The uniqueness of Combray is that it consists of only two ingredients namely Oxofulleram and the highest quality cosmetic oils. No long list of ingredients which only increases the risk of allergies. In addition, the concentration of active ingredient is very high which makes Combray actually work. Good to know is that due to this high concentration of Oxofulleram, all oils have a dark color.


Oxofulleram is unique and very powerful antioxidant found only in Combray products. Antioxidants play an important role in skin health. They are substances that counteract damage in your body caused by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs as a result of skin aging, air pollution, sun exposure and inflammation.

The effectiveness

Cosmetic oil is used for Combray because it soaks into the right layer of skin. This is where the Oxofulleram does its job by rendering the free radicals harmless. In addition to this, cosmetic oils also all have their own action in the skin. The action of the oil and the action of Oxofulleram reinforce each other. Daily use of Combray significantly reduces wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet and pigmentation spots, pores are also minimized.

The skin oil has a healing and soothing effect on red irritated or stressed skin. It improves the appearance of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and acne. Finally, Combray soothes the skin after excessive sun exposure or other conditions where the skin is exposed to oxidative stress such as cold and wind.

Which oil is best for you?

Unsure which Combray oil is right for your skin? Find out with this chart. Tip: Minis of Combray Regenerating, Combray Rejuvenating and Combray Nourishing are available. This allows you to test the oils in miniature before buying the large pack.


Regenerating Facial Oil

Combray Combray Regenerating Facial Oil 30ml

Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Combray Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil 30ml

Nourishing Facial Oil

Combray Combray Nourishing Facial Oil 30ml

Skin Type      
Oily, dry, dehydrated skin   x  
Impure skin x    
Mature(er) skin     x
Skin Problems      
Oily t-zone   x  
Rosacea/eczema x    
Psoriasis x x  
Acne/inflammation x    
Pigmentation spots     x
Redness x x  
Scars x x  
Puffiness/dark circles     x
Redness reduction x x  
More even skin x x x